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Margarita Ortiz


Margarita is an Associate at Ibarra del Paso Gallego, with specialization in Immigration Law and Nationality.


Margarita is a legal advisor with more than 20 years of experience in administrative and immigration matters.

She has extensive knowledge in the preparation of documents, resources, and fulfillment of requirements in these matters. She stays current and updates on relevant legislative issues within these areas, as well as the analysis of these to prevent possible contingencies, keeping continuous communication with the clients of changes in the legal framework and its possible repercussions and designing preventive strategies to comply with legal requirements.


In 2006 she worked as a Law Clerk at the firm Valdés, Hori y Mancebo, S.C.

Later, in 2008, she joined Arellano, Rincón Abogados, S.C. as a Junior Lawyer.

In 2009, before joining our team, she served as Senior Associate at Basham, Ringe & Correa, S.C., a firm where she oversaw the Immigration area.


Margarita obtained her Law Degree from Universidad Tecnológica de México.

In addition to her degree, she holds:

Diploma in Translation of Legal Texts – Escuela Libre De Derecho.

Diploma in Inmigration and Human Rights: Multidisciplinary Approaches – Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México.

Diploma in Compliance – Universidad Panamericana in coordination with the Mexican Stock Exchange.

Diploma in Corporate Development – Universidad Anáhuac.


Margarita is a Spanish native speaker and is fluent in English