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Labor & Employment

The main objective of our L&E Practice is to give added value to our clients, optimizing their human resources, providing innovative solutions to their labor and employment problems, focusing our efforts in prevention and a proper legal and HR planning, deriving in stable employment relationships and as a consequence a lower rate of litigation and conflicts.

Our team has broad experience representing companies in all industries in individual and collective employment litigation before Local and Federal Labor Boards nationwide.

We have assisted our clients on labor due diligence processes, designing and implementing strategies for transfer of employees and layoffs; handling internal investigation; negotiation of termination packages for executives; employment termination processes including its approval before the Labor Board; representation in audits from the Labor Authorities; negotiation of collective bargaining agreements; designing compensation plans for executives; pension plans; non-compete, non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements; as well as day by day advise on L&E matters.


Advisory Matters

  • Advised a pharmaceutical company in an internal compliance investigation that led to negotiating the termination of the executive director for Mexico.
  • Advised a railroad company in an employee restructure, involving massive layoffs.
  • Advised an ATM company in an internal investigation derived from whistleblower’s information; the investigation derived in the layoff of several employees.


  • Represented an investment bank in a call for strike avoiding the strike and concluding the case on the best terms for the company.
  • Represented an aerospace manufacturing company in high executes employment complaints in Mexico, with positive results in litigation.
  • Represented a telecommunications company in the labor litigation filed by the former CEO, negotiating the case in the best terms for the company.

Area Leaders

Jaime Rodríguez