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Dispute Resolution

For Ibarra del Paso Gallego, dispute resolution is one of the main areas of the Firm. The Firm’s members have an ample experience in litigation, arbitration and mediation, with a clear business focus, providing value to reach an optimal and efficient result for our clients, both in disputes with third parties and governmental agencies.

The Firm’s lawyers have proved experience in administrative, civil, commercial and Amparo lawsuits. For instance, Ibarra del Paso Gallego’s lawyers have obtained relevant favorable resolutions against Pemex, through commercial and administrative litigations. Ibarra del Paso Gallego, has also reached successful negotiations through mediation and arbitration procedures, extending business opportunities for its clients.

Ibarra del Paso Gallego, currently handles the administrative defense portfolio of several plaintiffs in the financial sector, among others.

On the other hand, the Firm’s lawyers have participated in relevant lawsuits in administrative matters resulting from governmental procurement procedures (from unconformity complaints, nullity trials, Amparos, conciliation procedures to rulings).

The Firm advices its clients in the lawsuit strategic design to defend the award issued in a bid in which its clients participate or, if applicable, to challenge the legal irregularities conducted by the agencies and public instrumentalities in a project’s award.

The Firm’s lawyers have developed legal defense strategies duly proved aimed at defending the confidentiality of the information contained in our client’s proposals in a bid procedure the foregoing in order to prevent the access of their direct competitors to the commercial information and industrial secrets of our clients.

Area Leaders

Pablo E. Reyes