We are a law firm that provides legal advice and high standard services in a timely, consistent and strategic manner in transactional matters across a diverse and sophisticated array of practice areas. The Firm advises and represents Mexican and foreign companies in their business operations within Mexico and abroad.

We are an innovative law firm with a solid foundation, based on our commitment to excellence, interdisciplinary work and team efforts.

We have detailed work plans and flexible fee arrangements to meet every client’s needs and financial requirements, as well as an institutional dynamism which allows us to uniquely anticipate and respond effectively to the market’s rapidly changing and competitive demands.

Our professional practice is oriented around fundamental core values, including ethics, client loyalty and adherence to sound principles of law with a practical and business approach. Our legal practice focuses and specializes principally in Real Estate, Environment and Business Transactions.

Our Objective: To be a key piece in the matters, projects and transactions of our clients by providing personalized attention, certain, sound and well-reasoned advice resulting in informed and confident decision-making.

Our means: Dedication with knowledge, experience, common sense, responsibility and creativity.

Our main allies are our clients, for their success is our goal and their opportunities are our commitment.

In addition, we have a professional network and strategic alliances with law firms in the United States and Canada, as well as in Latin America and the European Union. Similarly, the Firm has connections and joint representations with renowned law firms that concentrate in practice areas different from those of our expertise, both in Mexico City and the rest of the Mexican Republic.



Our professional practice is oriented by fundamental values, such as ethics, loyalty to the client and adherence to the general principles of law with a practical and business approach…


As a firm we thank the opportunities and support we have received from our community throughout our professional careers…


At Ibarra, del Paso y Gallego, S.C. we have developed synergies with specialists of those areas, who share our concern for professional quality, personalized service and commitment with the client within the scope of their own professional practices…


• Ibarra, del Paso y Gallego is featured at Inmobiliare Magazine’s B2B Planner 2012.